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Home Office services and commitments

When you order a Home Office solution, you are enhancing your property with an original, attractive and functional additional space. When you want to sell, this new construction will add considerable value.


It is for this reason that we believe it is important to support you through the entire process.


1/  During our initial contact by telephone, we will ask you to provide us with photographs of your terrain along with site and title plans. We will work together to define the location and dimensions of your future micro-building.

  • You will specify your exact needs in terms of the building and the equipment.
  • We will examine local planning regulations to determine the building location options.
  • We can also define the materials, external finishings and colours and provide you with a list of all the possible options.
  • We are able to handle the declaration of building work process, via a specialist partner at a cost of €550. This means you will not need to worry about any of the administrative aspects of the project.

2/ We will prepare a draft project setting out the layout plans, a technical description, a detailed quote and a list of possible options :

3/ Once the draft project has been validated, we will incorporate any final modifications and put together a definitive quote.

4/ Together, we will agree a date for starting the work and a schedule for completion. Work can begin once the plans have been approved by the local authority and the appeals period has expired.

5/ A down payment representing 30% (inc. VAT) of the total price quoted will be required to validate the order. A second down payment amounting to 60% (inc. VAT)  of the total price quoted will be requested once the product has been supplied by the Samibois plant. The remaining balance is payable once the product has been installed in your garden..

6 / A dedicated factory installation team will manage the entire construction phase right down to the finishings.